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- From where do you Ship?

Shipping is from The Netherlands

- How much is shipping?

Products are shipped for the actual shippingcost. When bundled products are ordered than you pay offcourse only once shippingcost.

- How the product works?

See our History and Guide to use section on this website.

- When I buy more tiles, do I get an discount ?

All prices are fixed and displayed on this website. There are packages of bundled products, which have a benefitin a lower price.

- Do I need to pay import taxes etc ?

If your shippingadress is in Europe, you don't need to pay any taxes for import.

When your shippingadress is outside EU, you need to contact your local customs for duties.

- How fast do you ship?

We try to ship within 1 day

- Do I get a track and trace?

Yes you will receive an track and trace at your emailadress. Please wait for this before contact us. You can also see your status in your account and find track and trace, if you made an account at your website offcourse.

- Do you offer lower prices at shipment for Customs, so you pay less duties?

no, we include actual invoice at the shipment.

- How soon will you reply my email?

We always try to answer within 24 hours, but if you dont hear anything after 2-3 workingdays, than send an email again. But please be patient, dont send an second email before this has expired. Its very busy sometimes and we do our best.

- Returns

You must always ask first approval from us to send an product back. In this case we know what to expect and can track it also, so an package is not lost. Also in some cases you are not allowed to send it back without to be sure there are cost that you have to pay and for which we want to be sure you agree. After approval you will receive the adress to send your package to and also an Return authorisation number, which you should note on the package. After we receive the package we will contact you within 2-3 workingdays. In case you are returned your money back (14 day policy) than we will send it back to your bankaccount or paypalaccount within 2 weeks period. Adress for return shipments is Heliumstraat 252, 2718 RS Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. Please take in mind, you need first an confirmation before you send your product back and an returnnumber. If a package is lost and not delivered out our adress, the customer is fully responsible.

- Return Policy

When a product is used and placed in an audioproct accordingly as the Suzy Wong instructions, than its impossible to send it back. The product is in that case used and the order is final. If you haven't used the product and send it back within the give timeframe, than every package will be inspected on the total number of tiles and any wear or damage has occurred to the product or its packaging and therefore declined in value, then we are entitled to offset the damage with the refunded amount. This damage must have arisen because the consumer has done more for the product than is needed to assess whether he wants to keep it and to check the main features. Unnecessary rupture or packaging is missing in the return.

Nederlandse klanten lees hier meer informatie: